Kardashian Middleton Tea Invite Is Harmony Without A Chord

If you think there’s a chance for some Kardashian Middleton Tea Invite, think again. It seems Kim wanted to spend her time in London with Kate but got snubbed by the royal family.

Kardashian Middleton Tea Invite

A person can’t always get what they want, and the Kardashians are no exception. The National Enquirer even said that Middleton’s response was: “LOL forever.”

Kardashian was hoping to spend a little time with the Duchess of Cambridge when she and her sisters are in the UK to launch their upcoming Dorothy Perkins line. But if you believe the recent reports, Middleton will have nothing to do with the reality star.

According to the National Enquirer’s “royal insider,” Her Royal Highness shares the same sentiments many Americans wield against the Kardashi-klan:

“Kate can’t stand their style, and from what she knows about their TV show, it’s just a bunch of trashy people primping and yelling at each other. She’s far too polite to diss Kim to her face, but she’s got enough on her plate without having tea with someone like her.”

Even being seen with Kardashian might be an insinuation that the Palace approves of the TV show, the “insider” says:

“The Duchess gets free clothes sent to her every day of the week, and she always sends them back. The royal family is very careful about not being seen to endorse any product. It’s just not proper. Quite apart from that, the Kardashian outfits just aren’t appropriate for a duchess.”

“Kate is hardly going to turn up for an event with the queen in a cheap leopard-print miniskirt or gold sequined jacket!”

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Kardashian Middleton Tea Invite Is Harmony Without A Chord

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