​Karina Smirnoff Falls During DWTS Week 4

Author: John LesterBy:
Staff Reporter
May. 22, 2014

Karina Smirnoff was completely in tears after she falls on Monday night’s “Dancing With the Star” show. She was dancing to a hip-hop routine with her partner Apolo Anton Ohno, when she lost her footing and fell to the ground, landing on her knees and hitting her head.

“I’m sorry, I feel like I messed up the whole routine,” Smirnoff said through her tears.

However, she jumped right back up and got into the groove of things. She pretended it never happened, and continued with her routine. However, she broke down into tears on the stage.

“We worked so hard this week,” the dancer lamented on stage. “Please please please.”

It is no secret that Smirnoff was not as confident during her Season 15, Week 4 routine revealing her fears before the show even started. But despite the fall, the dancing team still scored a 34.5 out of 40, which isn’t bad at all. It seemed as if the judges ignored the accident.

Will it be enough to save the team from being eliminated?

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