Kate Beckinsale Featured On Redbook Cover

Kate Beckinsale – Kate Beckinsale will be featured on the cover of Redbook.

The Underworld: Rise of the Lycans actress will be on the January cover, which hits newsstands December 20th.

In the interview, Kate opens up about her time away for work, unconventional family, and nude scenes.

On her time away from work: “I was at home. We’ve got a kind of unconventional family situation, with two dads, and I’ve always been the constant parent, the one who is here,” Beckinsale stated. “Even if I’m working, it’s me. So if anything ripples the water, then it’s important to be home. My daughter is about to be 13, and I realize how fleeting time is. I was happy to be around Lily to talk about her day when she got home.”

On her unconventional family: “I think Lily feels comfortable with the family she has, and she’s very used to Michael [Sheen, Beckinsale’s first husband] being away…I’m not naive enough to think that having separated parents has no effect on Lily. I’m sure it does. But she certainly has never heard me talk negatively about either of her dads.”

On nude scenes: “I think it’s worse nowadays, because you do something like that and somebody immediately makes a five-times as long feature on YouTube to rock music, and they play it over and over again,” Kate stated. ‘I’m not averse to doing a nude scene, but it would have to be something I felt I could really argue for in front of my daughter, and so far that hasn’t happened.”