Kate Middleton Scar Mistaken As Hair Extensions

The Duchess Kate Middleton has a scar that beauty editors mistakenly thought was hair extensions. The scar is the reason why Middleton wears her gorgeous brown hair down. Kate was obviously covering something up.

When zooming in on a side-angle photo of the royal, one sees a thin, curved white mark at the roots of Kate’s hair. However, Middleton is famous for her luscious locks, so it seems unlikely that she’d need them enhanced with fakes. Turns out the little white mark over Kate’s left ear was not glued-in tresses but rather a scar.

A spokesperson for the Duchess released a statement, printed by the Daily Mail, that the Kate Middleton scar is “related to a childhood operation,” with senior royal sources adding that it had been “a very serious operation.”

However, a consultant at a London hospital gave his opinion, stating that he thought the scar looked more like the result of a birthmark-removal operation than anything more sinister. He also commented on how well Kate had kept it hidden.

Besides the hair, Kate shined in a vintage Amanda Wakeley gown at last night’s event, which was her very first solo appearance as a royal, which is where the photo was taken. Kate stepped in for Prince Charles, 62, after he was called away on a trip to Riyadh to present condolences to the Saudi Royal Family after the death of the country’s Crown Prince.

Meanwhile, the Mail notes that Kate’s not the only royal with a scar. Her husband William, bares a large zig-zag mark on his forehead, the result of being hit with a golf club when he was 13. He calls it his “Harry Potter scar.”

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