​Kate Upton Armpit Photoshop Fail Turns To Backlash Over Sweat

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June 1, 2021

Kate Upton’s armpit photoshop fail has been a complete nightmare for Harper’s Bazaar, after the publication did a bad job on the model using an airbrush. Upton by herself wasn’t enough for the magazine, so they tried editing.

The publication is now facing scrutiny, and the media is adding to it. Some people find it an insult to airbrush the beautiful model. The article was about her fitness secrets and what keeps her in shape.

“One of the things we love most about Ms. Upton is the confidence and love she has for her body — so to tweak it, even just a little, seems a bit misguided on the glossy’s part,” The Huffington Post wrote. And they are right, because tweaking something that’s already perfect doesn’t make sense. The backlash from this mistake is only beginning.

“Did they try to remove armpit sweat but go too crazy? Did they really want us to see the palm trees in the background to show off the serene setting,” The Hollywood Gossip wrote. The HG also wanted to know if Upton actually has part of her right armpit missing. Let’s call this backlash a complete firestorm.

Online critics are still pouncing on the photo, suggesting that it was an attempt to cover up her “sweat marks.”

As we all know by now, fashion magazines featuring airbrushed models have been the norm for years. When computers came into the picture even videos could be touched up to make models appear flawless, but these techniques can sometimes go way too far in distorting how a woman naturally appears. However, to chop out her armpit was a complete mistake.

Her arm is flung up behind her flaxen head in that classic Baywatch beach pose with one horrific difference: a chunk of her armpit is missing.

There is a legit crater-sized, concave gap where more armpit should be. It’s awful.