Kate Upton’s Incredible Makeover With Baywatch Lifesaving Skills

Kate Upton shows off her new makeover as she flaunts her lifesaving skills in a parody of Baywatch, which is in true babe fashion.

The Sports Illustrated model is in a skimpy red bikini as she emerges from a lifeguard hut and runs down the beach in a saucy slo-mo scene.

In another scene, Upton skates down a beach boulevard before taking to the sand and twirling a hula-hoop.

The latest set of photos reveal the curvy model playing basketball, riding a roller coaster and dancing in some very revealing outfits.

At one point, she grabs her assets as a wardrobe malfunction snaps off her bikini top during a funfair ride.

She then emerges form a pool wearing a wet T-shirt – showing off her ultimate talent.

Upton recently left her horde of male admirers in shock when she said she wished she had smaller boobs. The curvy model hinted during a recent interview that she thought her assets were too large. But fans’ fears were pushed aside when cheeky Kate revealed she was only kidding.

She is quite flirtatious when conducting interviews, and that seems to keep her fan base growing.

In addition, it’s only a matter of time before PETA releases a statement about the latest fur coat Upton is wearing.

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