Kate Winslet Talks About Projectile Vomiting In Carnage Film

Actress Kate Winslet talks about projectile vomiting on film set, which is the most memorable scene in Roman Polanski’s new movie “Carnage” ahead of its world premiere.

“My kids came to work for the vomit day, and I am so thrilled that they were there because they literally have not stopped talking about it since. It was hysterical,” Winslet told a news conference Thursday ahead of Polanski’s latest film in competition at the Venice Film Festival.

Based on the play by Yasmina Reza, “The God of Carnage,” the film is a sort of “Lord of the Flies” for the adult set – where civilized intentions go horribly awry as each character reveals their baser sides.

The satire packed with comic moments stars Winslet and Christoph Waltz as husband and wife Nancy and Alan, appearing opposite Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly as Penelope and Michael – two sets of parents who meet to sort out the details of a playground fight that left one of the boys with swollen lips and broken teeth.

The parents manage to maintain the appearance decorum as they niggle over whether Nancy and Alan’s son was armed with a stick, or just holding one. But rigid Penelope’s assertion that the parents of the alleged bully lack interest in their son’s behavior was more than Winslet’s Nancy could take. In the scene, Kate projectile vomits the cobbler they have been eating – all over Penelope’s cherished and rare art books.