Kate Winslet Titanic Embarrassment – Film Actress Comments on Acting Performance

Actress Kate Winslet says facing some embarrassment as she and director James Cameron walked the red carpet in London for the premiere of Titanic 3D, an epic 1997 drama, which became one of the highest grossing films of all time.

The film coincides with the 100th anniversary of the ship’s doomed maiden voyage from southern England’s Southampton in April 1912.

“The 3D enriches all of Titanic’s most thrilling moments and its most emotional moments,” Cameron said in a statement. “It kicks the whole experience up to another level.”

Last week, the director descended seven miles below the surface of the Pacific to the deepest place on Earth.

“One of the reasons I made Titanic was that I was fascinated by deep sea exploration,” he said. “It was an opportunity to dive in a submarine very deep at that time.”

Winslet, who starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie, joked that she would rather look away than see herself nude in 3D.

“I’m not going to look, I’ll be in the bar by that point,” she said.

The movie will hit theaters nationwide on April 6.

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