Kathy Bates To Play Sheen’s Ghost On Two And A Half Men

Actress Kathy Bates will guest star on this weeks “Two and a Half Men” as the ghost of Charlie Sheen’s old character, “Charlie.”

Charlie’s ghost, in the form of Academy Award winner, Kathy Bates will show up at his brother Alan’s hospital bedside after he suffers a mild heart attack. During a morphine induced hallucination Bates as, Charlie Harper, tells Alan to grow a set and be a man.

Bates will be smoking a cigar up from hell and be dressed as Harper became known for looking on the show with the short sleeved button-down shirts that made you think a bowling game was about to break out anytime.

After Sheen’s confrontation with the shows producers prior to this season, Charlie was kicked off the show and in the season premiere, it was revealed his character, Charlie Harper had died. Ashton Kutcher then took over in Sheen’s absence to fill the void left behind.

Kutchers’ character, Walden Schmidt, after a failed suicide drowning attempt in the ocean, stumbles upon Harper’s home located on the beach and offers to buy the house so Alan and his son don’t have to move and let Walden live with them.

In 2011, a news article in The New York Times called it “the biggest hit comedy of the past decade.”

The episode airs Monday night on CBS at 9pm EST.

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