Katie Holmes Vogue Interview Says Cooking Is Not Good

Katie Holmes talks to Vogue in a recent interview about her life as a single mother and how her cooking is not good. The 33-year-old former Dawson’s Creek actress, who is currently acting in Broadway’s “Dead Accounts,” admits that she is a terrible in the kitchen.

“Like, just me in the kitchen is a comedy,” Holmes tells Vogue, adding, “But it’s heartbreaking for me going through it…”

During this interview, which will be in the December issue of Vogue magazine, Katie states, “Like, just me in the kitchen is a comedy, but it’s heartbreaking for me going through it…”

Her “Dead Accounts” co-star, Norbert Leo Butz, who took part in the interview, laughed at her confession, admitting, “Because you’re such a bad cook?”

“Yes. But for others, they probably think it’s really funny, because all the pans are out, and I get frustrated, and suddenly it’s burning,” Holmes adds.

“And I went to Eataly [Mario Batali’s NYC market],” she laughs. “I got the stuff. And it still turned out, like — not good!”

The actress and her 6-year-old daughter Suri, are currently living in Manhattan and Holmes is enthusiastic about taking on more Broadway plays.

“It’s exciting because there’s no close-up, so a person has to use every inch of themselves,” she tells Vogue of why she loves live theater. “So you’re never done — and who wants to be done? It’s just another opportunity to keep growing.”

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