Katy Perry In Hawaii To Decide Relationship With Russell Brand

Katy Perry and Russell Brand – Katy Perry is still in Hawaii after a total meltdown of her relationship with Russell Brand. They have removed their wedding bands and the rings only add to the question if these two are going to divorce. The couple were apart on Christmas Day after their travel plans were changed. She suddenly flew to Hawaii and he resumed their holiday schedule in London.

Witnesses say there was a total meltdown between the two. Onlookers say they were exchanging “f-bomb” words repeatedly.

Does this mean divorce?

Let’s hope not. We don’t need another divorce to report on. We don’t know exactly what started the fight, but sources say it had something to do with Katy’s parents. The original plan was to take Perry’s relatives to Brand’s London hometown for the holidays.

However, before they could get on the flight, a massive fight broke out. Katy told Russell to get out of her life, and the two have been separated ever since. It’s still too early yet to assume the couple are divorcing.

The pair married just over a year ago, and arguing over in-laws ranks right up there with money and having kids as common fodder for newlywed fights.

Why do I have these big fears when I look at any picture of Russell Brand? I picture the guy taking over our satellites to hijack our cell phones, Internet, and television to announce he’s taken over the world. Sitting in a large black chair, wearing a top hat, and pointing a cane at the television screen as if he’s talking directly to you, with an evil laugh.

I don’t know why it happens, it just does. As for Katy, other thoughts run through my head, but it has nothing to do with World War III.

If Perry plans to leave Brand, we’ll be one of the first to know and will have an update for you. At this time, it’s too soon.

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