Katy Perry And Wide Awake Video, Fairy Tale Journey

Katy Perry is taking viewers on a magical journey once again in her latest “Wide Awake” video, which is part fairy tale and very entertaining.

The video starts off with pop singer wrapping up the video shoot for the song “California Gurls.” While in her dressing room, she is transported to an Alice in Wonderland-like world, where she is accompanied by a younger version of herself.

“It’s kind of like the labyrinth of my life in the last two years,” Perry explained to MTV about the video. “I just wanted to tell a story about myself kind of going through this journey, maybe sometimes trying to get out of a maze. There’s good parts and bad parts.”

It also shows her dealing with fame and learning to get back in touch with her real self.

One of those parts that she seems to allude to is the collapse of her marriage to Russell Brand.

However, there is one part in the video where Perry meets a deceitful Prince Charming, but we don’t know if that has anything to do with Brand or not.

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