Katy Perry’s Divorce Getting ‘Praise’ From Parents

Katy Perry Divorce – Katy Perry’s parents are praising her divorce because it’s been very profitable for their church. The singer’s pastor parents are calling their daughter’s divorce a gift sent by God, apparently it has really boosted the attendance at their church in Fort Valley, GA.

Her parents, Keith and Mary Hudson, took a moment to focus on their daughter’s divorce during one of their packed sermons.

Perry’s father sarcastically preached about how the press, seated in front of him, needed to be saved; that way, they could report some good news. In addition, Mary spoke about how Katy was the reason for the newly large crowd during their mass.

In one of Keith Hudson’s most-recent sermon, he spoke about not closing the door on your children even if you don’t approve of what they are doing. He added that if you close the door, someone else will begin speaking to them.

Perry, 27, and Brand, 36, chose to divorce after only 15-month marriage, after rumors began shrilling about their on-going fighting.

It is well known that Katy’s parents were unhappy about the thought of their daughter divorcing; however, it seems that they are already beginning to come around to their daughter, even if it is not what they want for her.

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