Katy Perry Has New Man In Her Life

It didn’t take long for Katy Perry to find a new man after her soon-to-be ex-husband Russell Brand filed for divorce last December. The man in Perry’s life now is Robert Ackroyd, guitarist for Florence and the Machine, which means they have music in common. In fact, they were seen at Coachella last weekend.

Sources say Katy was referencing Robert as her new “boyfriend” and the couple seemed very happy as they spent time together.

While she seemed to be all in cahoots with the new guy, other sources are telling Us Weekly that the singer is still dealing with her split from Russell and is trying to get him back.

“She’s a lost soul right now,” a friend told the magazine.

The former couple are still on good terms and have agreed to be friends after the breakup.

It’s hard to report whether she is trying to get him back or not, but if actions do speak louder than what sources say, it appears that she has already moved on.

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