Katy Perry Unleashes Orange Hair That Simmers

Katy Perry has given herself orange hair, which can be seen on the cover of the L’Officiel Paris magazine cover. The singer is also wearing a peachy dress and plenty of rosy makeup for the photo shoot.

Now here’s the real kick — she accidentally went ginger last summer followed by a two-tone orange ombre — but fans actually like this new color more than her neon blue, dark purple, pale rose, cotton candy pink.

Perry, 27, is virtually unrecognisable with the fiery hair which matches her fearless personality. With the long tumbling locks and her porcelain skin which is made up with lashings of blusher, her look is reminiscent of Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

It’s unclear if the makeover will encourage the singer to adopt the color on a more permanent basis, but we have a finally that it’s not here for long.

Interesting enough, she is in fact a natural blonde, but has spent years maintaining her hair as a dark brunette. There have been times she dyed her eyebrows and eyelashes to get that natural dark look.

Perry has just reportedly split up from lothario John Mayer who incidentally has since chopped off his trademark long hair into a shorter cut.

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