Kelly Ripa Is Still Searching For New Host To Replace Regis Philbin

Kelly Ripa New Host – Kelly Ripa is still holding down the fort while the search continues for a new host to replace Regis Philbin. No one knows what the future will bring to the live show or if there will be a permanent co-host.

It’s going to be difficult to replace the legendary TV personality.

They are big shoes to fill, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the producer’s are finding it difficult.

However, if Philbin does return, then we know the whole thing was a publicity stunt for ratings.

The co-host guests have done a terrific job, especially Jerry Seinfeld. However, many people shared their opinion on the blogs that yesterday’s co-host, Derek Hough, didn’t work out so well.

Here’s a list of the upcoming guests:

Dec. 12 — Taye Diggs

Dec. 13 — Kevin Jonas

Dec. 14 — Bryant Gumbel

Dec. 15-16 — Michael Buble

Some viewers (and myself included) hope for a new permanent co-host soon because Ripa is getting annoying.