Kelsey Grammer Abuses TV Producer

Ever since Kelsey Grammer divorced his wife Camille, the two have probably tormented each other with abuse since the separation, but now comes something out of Australia when the Frasier actor called a morning show producer “a sick dog” and went on a long rant on live television.

It all started when the actor was forced to watch a clip from his former wife’s reality show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” followed by unexpected questions about Camille. He allegedly flew off the handle, but who wouldn’t be if you had already re-married and moved on? The alleged incident occurred on Channel 7 breakfast show “Sunrise” on Thursday.

Grammer married flight attendant Kayte Walsh, who is 27 years his junior, and he told presenters David Koch and Natalie Barr that he wanted to remain silent about his past relationship, preferring to “let his attackers fall.”

Kelsey allegedly called the show’s producer, Mark Beirne, immediately after going off air. According to reports, he was hurling profanities and “abusing” Beirne, saying: “You are a vile person… a sick dog… Your life must be tragic… I feel sorry for you.”

The actor has been married four times and has four children and one grandson as of 2011. A source at Channel 7 also stated that Kelsey would not be invited back for any of its future shows.

Grammer, a five-time Emmy Award winner, has declined to comment on the alleged incident.