Kelsey Grammer Decides On Wife’s Name Tattoo

Actor Kelsey Grammar must really be in love this time, because for the first time in his life, he decided to get a tattoo of his wife Kayte Walsh’s name on his stomach. The Cheers star, 57, married a flight attendant in February 2011.

Grammar got inked at Insight Studios tattoo parlor in Chicago on Saturday and stunned customers when he walked in off the street and asked if he could get his wife’s first name put on his stomach.

Dressed casually with his fourth wife by his side, owner Bob Jones says the ‘Boss’ actor chatted with staff and other people waiting before opting for a $60 tattoo on his waistline.

Bob told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper: “He was pretty cool about it. He said it was his first tattoo and he did some research and said, ‘You guys seemed to be the best place to go’.” But one 21-year-old employee failed to recognize Kelsey and asked to see his identity.

Bob continued: “She said, ‘Can I get your ID, please?’ He was like, ‘Huh?’ She came back to me and said, ‘Is this guy famous or something? He looked at me kind of funny when I asked for his ID’.”
Kelsey – who was previously married to ‘Real Housewives’ star Camille Grammer – is now expecting twins with Kayte.

Announcing the happy news at the Golden Globe Awards in January, Grammar said: “I’m really looking forward to meeting these new arrivals in our lives.”

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