Kendra Wilkinson’s Nude Modeling Days Are Over

Kendra Wilkinson, 27, got her start by taking her clothes off for Playboy magazine; however, she is over that phase of her life.

She is now married to former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett and they have a 2-year-old son together named after his father.

Recently, reality star has been focusing on her show “Kendra on Top.”

“You will see the traditional Kendra antics on my new show, but I have retired a couple of things, like Playboy and the nudity,” she said.

“I just figure that there’s more to life than getting nude and showing your boobs. I have added a lot of layers to my life and I’m more spontaneous now than I once was, but I don’t have to take off my top.”

On the June 12 episode, her former boyfriend, Hue Hefner, came to their house via helicopter.

“Hef comes over to my house — in a helicopter — and you’ll see how we figure that out,” she said.

“Hef does not go to anyone’s house, and he hasn’t been in a normal car since he was in his 20s, so my husband has to pick him up in his pimped-out little car.”

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