​Kendra Wilkinson New Ring: Hank Baskett Buy New Ring Amid Marriage Boot Camp

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Mar, 25, 2015 | 9:56 AM

Kendra Wilkinson has a new ring after flushing the old one down the toilet when she learned from her husband’s alleged affair. Hank Baskett has finally met his wife’s demands and was seen buying a brand new diamond, reports Daily Mail.

They may be involved in the new season of Marriage Boot Camp, but clearly, things are turning around for Kendra and Hank. In fact, she and her husband are so close, they’re willing to wear matching outfits.

Wilkinson and Baskett recently appeared at the premiere for Dead Rising: Watchtower, and they looked happier than they were on the last episode of Kendra On Top. This all comes after several months of counseling after Kendra wanted to end their marriage, but her husband begged Wilkinson for another chance after he reportedly was intimate with a transsexual model.

Kendra Wilkinson’s new ring comes after she kicked Hank Baskett out of their home and flushed her expensive diamond down the toilet.

The alleged affair was with model Ava Sabrina London, which happened while Kendra was pregnant. Since then, things have changed, and the new ring is a starting point for their marriage after suffering from so much hurt.

“Kendra wanted a new ring and she made Hank buy it for her,” an insider said.

“Kendra is committed to making the relationship work and so she wanted to wear a big ring that would send a signal to everyone that she’s married and is staying married. She wanted something new and sparkly and she got what she wanted.”

Kendra Wilkinson’s new ring is one thing, but she still doesn’t fully trust Hank, according to Us Weekly.

“It’s going to take a lifetime to trust him again,” asserted Kendra.

“I will spend my life trying to get Kendra to trust me again,” Hank said.

Kendra Wilkinson’s new ring was posted to her Facebook page, which is the first time she’s worn anything from Hank since the alleged affair. The reality star doesn’t admit that her husband did anything, but she does send out a mixed message.

“All I can say is I believe Hank. I love Hank. And he’s proven to me that he’s worth forgiving and fighting for. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and unfortunate things took place. He’s very gullible and naive.”

As previously reported by NewsOXY, Kendra is making several changes to her appearance. She has decided to have her breast implants removed in an effort to change her image.

With Kendra Wilkson’s new ring ring, the upcoming Marriage Boot Camp should be an interesting show for the couple. What do you think? Can he be trusted again?

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