Ke$ha Stamps ‘SUCK IT’ Lip Tattoo In Mouth

Ke$ha has a new lip tattoo with the phrase “SUCK IT” stamped inside her mouth, mucus membrane where you eat, chew, swallow and produce saliva, which marks the latest weird trend from the singer.

She recently stopped by Alchemy Tattoo in Los Angles to ink the phrase. In addition, onlookers claim they used a piece of leather to keep her mouth open during the procedure. No one knows why she had it stamped that way.

The singer’s fans are all for being wild, free, rebellious and bold. However, keep in mind that she’s a mom, which doesn’t explain why she had the phrase tattooed on her lip. Could she be going through a midlife crisis this soon?

One thing for sure, Ke$ha can’t tell her own kids what to do later in life, because she hasn’t set herself up as a role model just yet.

Let’s all hope she doesn’t turn out like Courtney Love.

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