Khloe Kardashian Miscarriage Heartbreak Confirmed By Magazine

Sad news is being reported that Khloe Kardashian suffered a miscarriage earlier this year after trying to get pregnant since their marriage in 2009. She has tried many options to get pregnant and the news comes with heartbreak.

Kardashian has tried many options, which include in vitro fertilization, vitamin B12 injections and acupuncture, all to achieve a sign of pregnancy.

Apparently she came very close, that is until the mishap in February, and that is causing her to be emotionally distraught. “She’s trying to put on a brave face, but it’s so hard. She would do anything to have Lamar’s baby, even if it means getting stuck with needles,” according to a source. “She’s scared that if she doesn’t give Lamar a baby, then he’ll leave her,” the insider reveals.

Khloe is keeping a positive attitude though and believes that when the time is right it will happen for them. “Lamar and I definitely want kids, and when it happens for us, it’ll happen,” says Khloe herself.

The April 23rd, 2012 cover of InTouch featured the cover story ‘Khloe’s Baby Heartbreak.’ The magazine has an exclusive on the devastating news about the miscarriage. The article also claims that Khloe has turned to drastic measures to get pregnant again because of her baby heartbreak.

They go on to speculate whether her marriage to Lamar can survive yet another tragic blow, but sources close to Khloe say the couple are doing fine.

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