Nicole Kidman As Grace Kelly In 1962 Biopic

Nicole Kidman is looking great as she plays the role of Grace Kelly at a point in her life when she gave up her career in movies to marry Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, in 1956.

It’s definitely a love story that is played well by Kidman, although members of the Monaco royal family describe the film as “inaccurate” and “pure fiction.”

However, the actress has hit back against the negative comments by describing her portrayal of the late movie star as “respectful.”

The film focuses on Kelly, whose career was brought to fame after starring in Dial M For Murder, when she is in her early 30s.

Set in 1962, the biopic follows the personal life of the former actress during the famous dispute between France and Monaco over tax laws.

Kelly’s children, Prince Albert II, Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie, have blasted the historical inaccuracies of the film and even requested changes to the plot claiming it “needlessly glamorized” their mother.

The film, directed by Olivier Dahan, is set in 1962 and follows the personal life of the legendary actress during the famous dispute between France and Monaco over tax laws.

”I am not a journalist or historian. I am an artist. I have not made a biopic. I hate biopics in general, Dahan told The Telegraph about the biopic. “I have done, in any subjectivity, a human portrait of a modern woman who wants to reconcile her family, her husband, her career. But who will give up her career and invent another role. And it will be painful,” Dahan added.

“I wanted to be respectful of her, her story and her essence so hopefully that will all come through,” Kidman said.

Kidman and Kelly fans will have to wait until 2014, before the film is released.

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