Kim Kardashian Dating Kanye West In New York City

We all remember when Kim Kardashian was accused of being a home wrecker by Kayne West’s ex-girlfriend earlier this year, but now that the two have been spotted together, fans are going back to that allegation. It was Kardashian who said the pair were just friends, but that’s coming from someone who was married for only 72 days. West on the other hand, didn’t really do anything wrong, he broke it off with his ex and moved on.

There are reports that the two are madly in love, but others say it’s just a quick fling that will soon fizzle out.

Regardless, the two were spotted in New York City over the weekend and there are reports that Kanye met the Kardashian family to get their approval of his newfound love for Kim.

Sources say that the family enjoys his company and says he’s “a very nice guy.”

It’s hard to say whether she’s in love with him or not, but he did confess his love for her in his single, “Way Too Cold.”

Even so, Kardashian played dumb in a recent NBC Today appearance by dodging questions about her relationship with the rapper, “Kanye and I have been friends for years, and you never know what the future holds.”

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