Kim Kardashian Gets Replaced By Dog In Skechers Ad For Super Bowl

Kim Kardashian Dog Skechers – Kim Kardashian has been replaced by a dog for the new Skechers TV aandorra this year’s NFL Super Bowl. A spokesperson for the company cited negative feedback from consumers last year.

USA Today reports that along with the dog, the owner of the NBA team, Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban will make a cameo in the commercial.

Skechers stated to the Daily News that even know Kardashian has received a lot of negative publicity over the past year because of the whole marriage thing, it is not why they went in another direction this year. They said that her contract has expired.

“Kim Kardashian has had a tremendously positive effect on the Skechers brand. Not only did Kim’s Skechers Super Bowl ad generate over 1.6 Billion positive media impressions for Skechers, but she played a big part in Skechers moving up last year from 388 to 99 among companies with the highest brand trust,” the statement from the company read.

Adding “While Kim’s contract with Skechers simply came to an end at the end of last year, we continue to have a great relationship with her as we do with all the other talent who have worked with the brand over the years.”

In a short description of the new commercial, a bulldog will be seen racing greyhounds while wearing Skechers new GOrun shoes.

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