Kim Kardashian Is Talking Wedding With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian isn’t even divorced from her 72-day marriage yet and is already talking about another wedding and kids with Kanye West, according to a source who spoke at Hollywood Life.

The source says that Kim and Kanye’s relationship is moving incredibly fast and that they talk for hours about everything in their lives — and we should all be glad that she’s discussing the important topics because she says “I Do” again.

“They are madly in love and are already planning their wedding and future together,” according to the website.

“They’ve known each other for years,” the source said. “They have a lot of fun together and they talk for hours about everything. They have definitely talked about getting married one day and things like where they’d want to raise their kids. Kanye makes Kim feel really loved and it feels real to her.”

This is very different from her rushed romance and wedding to Kris Humphries. Everyone watched that marriage fall apart on their reality show with Kourtney, and maybe it’s because these two hadn’t even talked about where they would live until after they had already gotten married.

It sure is nice to know that they are getting these important details out of the way.

It’s either for real, or it’s another Kardashian fling, and there’s been several of them.

However, one of our own sources say that West is far from settling down yet, but people can change if they find the right person for them.

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