Kim Kardashian No Makeup Photo Posted On Twitter

Kim Kardashian No Makeup Photo Posted On Twitter

Making sure she is still being talked about Kim Kardashian decided to tweet a picture of herself in a sports bra and sweat pants, with no make-up on, this past Monday night.

She also decided to ‘borrow’ a line from a Drake song called ‘Best I Ever Had’, to caption the photo. It read, “Sweat pants hair tie chillin with no make-up on.”

Kardashian recently shot a cover photo for Allure magazine, a beauty and skin care magazine for women, with no-make-up on. She also did an interview with People magazine saying, even though she is usually seen wearing make-up on her reality shows about the everyday lives of the Kardashians, that she actually does not wear make-up that often.

Kim’s ego got a bit of a stroking for the tweet as several fans commented on how well she looked without the make-up and fancy clothes.

Recently, a petition has been circulating around the web to have all Kardashian material and programming removed from television following the wedding scandal of Kim and Kris Humphries.

Kardashion has filed a law suit against her former publicist who admitted that the whole thing was a fake to raise her image and make money, a claim that Kim still denies.

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