Kim And Kourtney Take New York City Debut

Kim Kourtney Take New York City – Kim and Kourtney take NYC by storm with a season premiere from last night. If you missed it, you can catch it again this week, check local listings. The reality TV family stepped out of the spotlight to deal with a divorce from Kris Humphries, 72 days into their marriage.

Kim emerged the other day at the Los Angeles Mission, to serve Thanksgiving dinner to those in need.

The reality star might say she wants time out of the spotlight, but she definitely drew the opposite and received a full flood of cameras and photographers on her latest outing.

All meanness aside, Kim did something good for the holidays, People magazine writes. Kardashian was joined by Jennifer Love Hewitt (also pictured), Zoe Saldana and Kirk Douglas, among others.

While serving food, the reality star talked about how she’d spend the holidays: with her family, of course. This time, without a single camera in sight.

“Kim Kardashian may be going through a rough time in her personal life, but there is one thing she’s particularly thankful for this Thanksgiving: her family,” People writes.

“I think the holidays are just about winding down and spending time with your family. That’s what it’s going to be about this year for me,” the curvalicious reality star told reporters.

Kardashian also revealed the big Thanksgiving family dinner would take place at her mother’s house, with each member of the family bringing their favorite dish.

“We’re each cooking a dish, bringing it over and just hanging out. I’m going to make the sweet potato soufflé. It’s really good!” she said.

As noted above, Kim’s kind gesture for the holidays, that of volunteering at the Los Angeles Mission didn’t go by unnoticed.