Kris Humphries Still Getting Slapped By Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian — I don’t know why you don’t understand that treating Kris Humphries without respect, only makes you look bad. When you went on Jay Leno and didn’t even mention Kris’s name and just referred to him as “someone else,” it just felt like another slap, and the guy has just endured so many from Team Kardashian from the moment you filed for divorce, after 72 days of marriage.

Your fans are very aware of that. They were NEVER comfortable with how you “announced” the divorce. Your divorce papers were leaked to the press, minutes after being filed and team Kris has always claimed that he learned about his split on a radio station — not from you.

Then of course, you got on a plane and flew to Australia just a few hours later. That never sat well with your fans either because they could imagine being on the receiving end of that treatment. What if a guy did THAT to them?

Since then, Kris was painted as the Husband From Hell on celebrity magazine covers and it sure seemed like Team Kardashian had been busy leaking information to those publications. He was portrayed as a little clueless on Kourtney & Kim Take New York and recently had to hear that your sister Khloe was thrilled that you might be getting back together with Reggie Bush. “I love the Bush and the Tush,” she said more than once.

It’s hurtful. Very hurtful.And yet if it’s true that you truly believe in love and are a big romantic and realized that Kris couldn’t be your love for life, there’s no reason to be vindictive. Kris didn’t do anything wrong — he simply wasn’t right for you. You made a mistake.

OK, that happens. But stop justifying your decision by sticking the knife into the guy. You’ve never once said anything publicly nice about Kris since you split.

When Heidi Klum and Seal confirmed they were separating, Seal only had the most complimentary words about Heidi Klum.

You can split and NOT diss. If you have to discuss your marriage on Jay Leno or any other show, why can’t you say his name. It’s not a disease or a curse word.

Kim, you could start turning the backlash against you if you start being publicly kind to your ex. Take the high road!

Maybe, if that’s the way you started this divorce, you wouldn’t be facing a public divorce trial now.

Just sayin’ Kim!

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