Kris Humphries Victim Of Alleged Scam

Kris Humphries Victim Of Alleged Scam – Kris Humphries is going through a rough time with a divorce and now he is also the victim of an alleged hedge fund scam. E! Online reports the NBA player invested hundreds of thousands of dollars with Andrey C. Hicks, who was a guest at his wedding where he married Kim Kardashian in August.

Hicks, a Boston-area money manager, has been accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission in a scam that involved making false representations about himself and his hedge fund, Locust Offshore Fund Ltd. The SEC complaint alleges in particular that Hicks lied about holding degrees from Harvard, previous work experience and the worth of the hedge fund.

E! Online quotes David P. Bergers, director of the SEC’s Boston Regional Office, who talked about the scam, “Hicks lied to investors about virtually every aspect of his fictitious hedge fund. This brazen web of lies to investors constituted an outright fraud.”

A spokesman for Humphries told E! Online that Kris, who played for the Nets last season, is working with law enforcement on the alleged scam and wouldn’t have any comment. Hicks was arrested Friday in Toronto, while trying to fly to Switzerland, according to the Boston Business Journal.

Kris also looks to be the victim of divorce as Kim filed the motion on Halloween. “We were all surprised,” says Adam Sosnick, who was a groomsman at the televised wedding this summer. “I did not see this coming.”

Despite every moment of their lives being caught on film, Sosnick said he thought things were relatively normal for Humphries and Kardashian. “They had a good time in Las Vegas for her birthday just last week,” he said. “Everything was normal then.”

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