Kris Jenner Affair And Kourtney Homewrecker Problems Revealed

It seems that Kris Jenner is having fights with her daughter Kourtney Kardashian for cheating on her late father Robert in an upcoming May 27 episode of their reality show.

Kourtney tells Kris that she’s disgusted by her cheating ways.

“I’ve definitely talked to my mom about her affair,” she says in a testimonial. “I’m not saying that my mom was being selfish on purpose, but I think her actions were definitely selfish.”

That right there explains how she feels about her mom right now, and it’s a big reaction after reading her mother’s memoir because of a trust issue.

Things get so out of hand that Kourtney screams at her mom and cries while saying she can’t trust her. Unfortunately, Kris doesn’t understand, so she argues with her and the two go back and forth.

Kourtney does visit her therapist to seek more understanding about her trust issues and emotions, but when Kris brings over gifts for the new baby, she refuses to open them.

Meanwhile, Kim pulls a prank on Bruce Jenner. She lets him borrow her Ferrari but then steals it back while he’s inside a go cart place. All because he threw a spider on her!

It’s hard keeping up with this family.

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