Kris Jenner Lip Baffles Family

Reality star Kris Jenner shocked everyone yesterday after appearing with a profoundly swollen upper lip in season seven of the family’s reality series. Jenner, 56, has a problem that will only baffle her kids and husband as they try to figure it out.

The matron of the infamous family was recently shown, in a sneak preview, waking up to a big bigger surprise than she was prepared to face.

In the season seven trailer, Jenner, 56, awakes with a much larger upper lip than she went to sleep with that night, which turns into an affair for the entire family.

A perplexed Kris who is sporting her pajama’s and no make-up, is baffled when she discovers her overnight metamorphosis. Not shockingly, the rest of the family shows up, in their bathing suits, to have a laugh at their mother’s expense.

There is not too much revealed in the 30-second clip, which leaves viewer wondering what Jenner did the day prior to have this happen to her overnight.

However, it has been reported that Jenner previously attempted a cosmetic procedure to make her lips fuller, which is quite common for the women in Hollywood, especially those who are over 40. Now, haters are calling the mother of six names like “ri-Duck-ulous” and “trout pout.”

“Keeping up with the Kardashians” season seven will premiere on E! May 20th.

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