​Kristen Bell On Motherhood “It’s almost too much joy”​​

By: | 07/29/2013 01:47 PM ET

Kristen Bell speaks on the topic of motherhood at the conclusion of filming Veronica Mars. Earlier this year, Bell and her Dax Shepard welcomed a baby daughter and they have been silent ever since.

While at Comic-Con in San Diego on July 19, the actress discussed her take on being a parent.

“It was hard because I always wanted to be with the baby a ton,” Bell said of shooting Veronica Mars while taking care of a newborn baby. “But also, I was so excited to be with my friends again. It’s almost too much joy, if that’s possible.”

Bell, 33, gave birth to her first child, daughter Lincoln Bell Shepard, in March. Father, actor Dax Shepard and Bell got engaged in January of 2010. However, they decided to delay their marriage until California passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage.

After the Defense of Marriage Act fell on June 26, 2013, Bell asked the Parenthood star to marry her through Twitter, and he accepted.

So, it looks like the next step for this couple is to plan their wedding.