Kurt Cobain Nirvana Sound Alike By Ramiro Saavedra

Ramiro Saavedra might not speak the same language that Kurt Cobain did, but they both sound alike and Nirvana fans are getting chills. The guitarist is from Arequipa, Peru, who appeared on the national musical competition show “Yo Soy” (“I am”) and it was his sound that shocked the judges when he imitated Cobain’s singing.

Saavedra played several Nirvana tunes and had the judges banging their heads in disbelief. He started out with “Come as You Are,” then was asked to play another song, which he went into “Rape Me,” and another judge asked him to play “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” That’s when the heads were banging and the judges could barely contain themselves, and one would later admit that Saavedra is the best contestant seen on the show.

It’s so interesting to hear someone today that can sound like Cobain.

If the music didn’t give you chills, then the hairs on the back of your neck might stand up after you find out Saavedra is 27-years-old, the same age Cobain was when he died.

Saavedra is also dressed like grunge and brings the attitude that many singers had at a time they were saying goodbye to the 1980s and welcoming an alternative sound that was born from Seattle, Washington.

It’s also interesting to note that when Cobain appeared on MTV’s “Unplugged,” he would slur his words as he performed the songs at a slower tempo, as he often did at his own concerts.

Here’s a video of Saavedra singing Cobain songs on the show:

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