Kylie Minogue Twitter Stalker Shows Up At Home, Police Called

Kylie Minogue had to report one of her Twitter fans to the police in Melbourne, Australia because she felt that he was turning into a stalker.

Authorities and Kylie Minogue, 43, did not go into further details of what the fan said to make her fearful of him, but she did posted a remark back to him on Twitter, which alerted over one million followers to the situation that was going on.

The Australian recording artist has hundreds of fans that have since tweeted with comforting supportive messages.

This isn’t the Australian singer’s first time having to call police on a fan stalker. In 2003, she had to deal with another male fan who was mailing her hundreds of threatening letters to her home address.

Kylie originally became successful as a singer in 1987 with her hit song, ‘Locomotion’. Prior to that she was a child actress with a role on the popular Australian soap opera, “Neighbors.”

Though she has remained a success in her home of Australia and some European countries, after her 1987 hit, she never really reached success the same way in the US again until her 8th studio album, ‘Fever’ which included the dance song single, ‘Can’t Get You Of My Head.”

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