Lady Gaga And Sugarland Jennifer Nettles Together

Lady Gaga And Sugarland – Anyone who has ever seen Lady Gaga is aware that she knows how to work a look. And on Wednesday’s night’s “Grammy Nominations Concert Live!!,” she worked two of them, both about as different as could be.

The mother monster served as both the opening and closing act during the telecast. She started things off with a steampunk-y version of “Marry the Night,” opening the song on a stage littered with smoking pipes and scattered bits of scrap metal. Her face done up like a skeleton (or perhaps Zombie Boy?), wearing a black cloak, she solemnly sang the song’s opening lines, as a group of gothed-up dancers cavorted around her.

As the beat kicked in, she shed her cloak and hit the harmonies hard, while guitars wailed and those dancers posed and popped. Then the whole thing gave way to a particularly fierce dance segment, which brought the performance to a close and earned a standing ovation from the industry-heavy crowd.

And after the nominations were revealed, Lady Gaga was back to wrap things up, and she did so in true Grammy style, joined onstage by country duo Sugarland for a husky, musky version of “You and I.”

Seated at the piano, she traded verses with Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles. Gaga changed a couple of the song’s lines, “With your high cowboy boots on,” “Oh Sugarland, it’s been six whole years,” to fit the occasion and pounded on the keys as the song built to a bluesy guitar solo from Sugarland’s Kristian Bush.

The whole performance wound down with Gaga and Nettles swapping extended vocal runs, and as the audience gave them another standing O, the three embraced and laughed mid-stage.