Lady Gaga To Wear Lettuce Dress, PETA Urges

PETA is hoping Lady Gaga will replace the meat dress for a lettuce dress In India. Gaga is in New Delhi to perform at a concert Sunday. It could be the first show that reveals a dress made out of lettuce worn by the Lady herself.

The pop diva wore an asymmetrical gown by Indian-American designer Naeem Khan topped off with a bouffant hairstyle in the colors of the Indian flag, reports AFP.

“For me, my experience of music and my relationship with music is as experimental as possible,” Gaga said, promising Indian fans a spectacle which would be “unique for India.”

But she did not say whether she would go green, as requested. In a letter to the singer’s publicist, PETA India said it hoped she would honor India’s reverence for animals by turning vegetarian for the duration of her visit. The group hopes she will pose for photos in a lettuce gown to promote the importance of not eating meat. After all, she posed in a meat dress.

“If she agrees, we’ll make her a dress entirely of lettuce and held together by pins and threads. It will be a full length gown, and we’ll make sure it looks sexy,” said Sachin Bangera of PETA India. The dress would be constructed leaf by leaf on the singer’s body, taking some five to six hours.

“Someone will be on hand to spray the lettuce with water so that it doesn’t wilt.” said Bangera. Gaga has yet to respond.

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