Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Shopping For Homes

Lady Gaga Taylor Kinney – It appears that the relationship between Lady Gaga and actor Taylor Kinney may be getting a little more serious as the pop star has asked him to move in with her, according to a source. The relationship is moving rather quickly and a lot of people are shocked. They thought the pair would date for a few weeks until things simmered down, but now they’re planning to move in together.

Kinney, who has been seen as Mason Lockwood in the The Vampire Diaries TV series and who starred in one of Gaga’s video’s, “You and I” last year, has been dating the singer ever since the pair met.

According to the source Kinney has agreed and the two have been searching for a home in New York and a second in Pennsylvania. The source told the The Sun, “They’ve been looking for two places — one near his parents in Pennsylvania and one in the Big Apple.”

One piece of property they have already scouted out is a 6,000 square foot home in Bent Creek, Pa worth 1.7 million dollars in a gated community.

A would-be neighbor, Tyler Nehlig, said of Gaga being interested in the property, “I think it would be really interesting if she moved here. I think they might have to step up front gate security a little bit to slow down paparazzi maybe.”

Both Kinney and Gaga have been seen around town also checking out the local shops and restaurants.

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