Lady Gaga “Born This Way” Tour 2012 Schedule Announced

Lady Gaga has announced the “Born This Way” tour for 2012 in support of her latest album and she wrote all about it on her Twitter page.

There’s a new official tour poster (shown above) and Lady Gaga promises a new stage design that will excite fans who attend her concerts.

“The Born This Way Ball” will kick off in 2012 and run through 2013 and feature a medieval castle stage set piece with a catwalk surrounding the front part of the audience; much like U2’s ‘Ellipse’ on their “Vertigo” tour; called the ‘Monster Pit’. Fans who arrive early, wait all night and are “dressed to ‘Ball'” will get entry to the Pit. Gaga’s team, aka the ‘Haus of Gaga’, will choose fans from the area to go back stage and meet her after the show.

The best part? Unlike Madonna expecting fans to save their money all year and pay through the nose for tickets to her upcoming tour, Gaga explains that the Monster Pit is a General Admission area and die-hard fans won’t have to break the bank to get in.

“Every night Haus of Gaga will choose fans from The Monster Pit to come back stage + meet me! These tickets are NOT more expensive,” she Tweeted.

After Gaga’s posts fans questioned her on what, exactly, “dressed to ‘Ball'” means, to which she replied, “Reading your questions :) No dress code requirement. “Born This Way” means anything goes.”

“The Born This Way Ball will perform 110 shows around the world. The opening dates are out today, with more announcements to ensue,” she Tweeted earlier Wednesday.

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