Lady Gaga Vomits Onstage During Barcelona Concert

Lady Gaga maintained her singing and dancing after she vomits on stage, but it had gone unnoticed and the audience didn’t have a clue as she leaned over the railing towards the back of the stage and puked.

Gaga actually took a page from the Justin Bieber nausea playbook as she vomited up to four times and did a great job covering it up this past weekend in Spain.

In a video making the rounds, it’s difficult to see the 26-year-old puking because her hair covered up the episode. The singer kept her back to the audience during a performance of “Edge of Glory” in Barcelona.

Then, as she makes her way across a stage plank toward a dancer, she abruptly throws up at least four times, all while dancing and hiding the incident with her hair. At one point, her backup dancer gently pats her on the back as she tries to hurl inconspicuously. The Mother Monster didn’t miss a beat as she continued with the performance.

The “Poker Face” diva poked fun at herself on Twitter Monday morning, writing, “Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one! Check out Lady PukeGA doing Swan ‘Vomit’ Lake.”

Gaga also gave props to herself for carrying on: “I still hit my routine mom!! :),” she tweeted. “Thank goodness for the Dorchester…i need some tea ,i think i just cried a little watching that.”

Gaga never said what caused it, but she provided the answer when she tweeted about lunch a few hours before the performance.

“In SPAIN having the time of my life!!!!!! *eats Paella in the corner*,” she wrote. “I love it here so much, my view is beautiful I’m gon rock Barcelone!”

It wasn’t a very good weekend for Gaga. First, she vomits, then she gets booed by fans in London during the launch of her perfume, “Lady Gaga Fame,” after she arrived an hour late. She also skipped the long line of fans hoping to get photographs with her.

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