Lady Gaga’s White Christmas Cheer For Naughty Santa

Lady Gaga White Christmas – Lady Gaga has made a living from ‘shocking’ the world and Christmas is no different when she’s singing for the white bearded Santa.

The platinum-selling singer promised ol’ St. Nick a much warmer greeting during a semi-raunchy version of the song at the annual Z100 “Jingle Ball,” where the singer was both naughty and nice.

“Santa, I’ll be waiting for you,” Gaga cooed with both legs in the air near the end of the Bing Crosby holiday classic.

Earlier, the scantily clad singer told the Madison Square Garden crowd that she was performing an extended version of “White Christmas” for the show.

“I recently added a couple of lyrics to this song ‘cause I think it’s too short,” she said Friday night to cheers. “And just when I get into it, it stops. It’s like a bad orgasm.

“Merry Christmas, New York!”

The Grammy-nominated Gaga, wearing sunglasses and black boots, said her first concert ever was the “Jingle Ball” back when she was 11 years old.

Now 25, Gaga recalled appearing at the show three years ago.

“I’ll never forget there were a whole lot of superstars and no one knew who the hell I was,” she said. “Some people thought I was going to be a one-hit wonder.”