Laura Saltman Is Abandoned By Millionaire Matchmaker Man

Once appearing on Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Matchmaker, reporter Laura Saltman was left by her man while she was pregnant with their son.

Saltman is a reporter for Access Hollywood and started dating Stanger’s millionaire client after appearing on the show, but then she became pregnant four months into the relationship.

“We dated about four months before I found out I was pregnant,” Saltman said in an interview. “He was in and out of my life during my pregnancy, choosing not to tell anyone about our son until after he was born. I felt like a teen mom at 39 years old.”

Apparently Stanger had been trying to keep the story from getting out. She also yelled at Saltman for not using birth control. Stanger did advice her to lawyer up though after the father was refusing to pay child support.

The fees for Stranger’s services are believed to run around $20,000 a year. “I’m a working mom, shouldering 90 percent of the financial responsibility,” Saltman says. “He’s paying virtually nothing, yet he acts like it’s going to bankrupt him. I don’t think a guy who paid that much to get dates is hurting for money.”

Saltman said the two reconciled their relationship for a short time when the boy was born, but she later found out that the father of her child had secretly been communicating with his former fiancee. Speaking of Stranger’s many rules to her matchmaking process Saltman said, “At least I followed her rule about being in a monogamous relationship. But her screening process leaves a lot to be desired.”