​Lawsuit Taylor Swift: Colorado DJ David Mueller Fired After Allegedly Touching Singer During Photoshoot

Author: Kara GilmourBy:
Staff Reporter
Sep. 14, 2015

A lawsuit against Taylor Swift has been filed by a former Colorado radio DJ this week after accusations that he “grabbed her bottom” got him fired from his job. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court, states that David Mueller lost his job after he was accused of inappropriately touching the singer, according to FOX News.

In June 2013, the DJ, known in Denver’s airwaves as “Jackson,” attended a Swift concert meet-and-greet with his girlfriend and co-worker Shannon Melcher. The backstage event with Taylor was part of his job duties with station KYGO, where he was often required to interact with celebrities, according to court documents.

Mueller and Melcher greeted the artist and had their picture taken with her. That picture is at the center of the dispute.

Lawsuit Taylor Swift filed by Denver DJ over false claims

The lawsuit states Taylor Swift allegedly claimed that the DJ lifted her “skirt with his hands and grabbed her bottom.” Following her claim, her security team surrounded him and Melcher and removed them from the concert grounds.

Then after a string of phone calls between singer’s management team and the station, the DJ was fired.

Mueller maintains he never inappropriately touched the singer. The DJ alleges someone else at the station told him he had “put his arms around her, hands on her bottom.”

“The contention that Mr. Mueller lifted up Ms. Swift’s skirt and grabbed her bottom, while standing with his girlfriend, in front of Ms. Swift’s photographer and Ms. Swift’s highly trained security personnel, during a company sponsored, VIP, backstage meet-and-greet, is nonsense, particularly given that Ms. Swift’s skirt is in place and is not being lifted by Mr. Mueller’s hand in the photograph,” said the lawsuit.

“The radio station was given evidence immediately after the incident. They made their independent decision,” a spokeswoman Tree Paine told CNN via email.

A response asking her to be more specific about the evidence was not answered.

The lawsuit claims the photo was described as “damning” by the singer’s managers. But Mueller contends it is anything but.

In “the photograph, Ms. Swift is smiling and hugging Ms. Melcher. Although Mr. Mueller’s hand is behind Ms. Swift and therefore not visible, it is clear that her skirt is in place and is not being lifted by Mr. Mueller’s hand,” said the lawsuit. “Similarly, Ms. Swift’s hand is behind Mr. Mueller and therefore not visible.”

NewsOXY has not independently seen the photograph. A request to Mueller’s attorney was not immediately answered.

The lawsuit against Taylor Swift looks to recuperate Mueller’s lost income. At the time, he was making $150,000 a year.

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