Lea Michele Unhappy With Glee’s Ryan Murphy, Planning Mutiny

Lea Michele Glee Mutiny – Lea Michele is staging a mutiny in an effort to ban against “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy.

Us Magazine reports that Murphy has turned into nothing short of an ogre, and that it’s gotten really bad.

“The cast has been speaking about banding together against him, and Lea is leading the charge,” a source tells the magazine.

Michele’s rep denies the rumor and the magazine’s mutiny claims, telling TheWrap that the story is “completely false.”

The article cites an exhausting schedule for the troubles, but according to sources who provided the information for the article, there are other factors involved.

For example: The Glee cast is being denied raises for the current season and are not receiving money from the songs they created and sold on Apple iTunes.

“Things are really bad on set,” the source claims. “The cast talks about how much they love Ryan, but they have grown to hate him.”

The sources also said that when Michele complained about going on the “Glee” tour, Murphy replied with a direct threat.

“He asked her which of her friends she wanted him to fire,” according to a source.

I couldn’t work under those circumstances, and there have been plenty of rumors already about Murphy and his ethics, but none of them confirmed.

Personally, Murphy has high standards and expects everyone to meet those standards. He is also a perfectionist and it shows when you watch an episode of Glee. If Michele is trying to build a revolt, it’s only going to make the situation worse, because in Murphy’s head people are there to work — it’s a business — and Fox has put a lot of weight on his shoulders.

Don’t do it Lea.