LeAnn Rimes Sues Dentist For Chronic Gum Bleeding

LeAnn Rimes sues Dr. Duane C. McKay, a dentist who performed nine root canals, for her problems that came from substandard veneers and crowns, which led to “severe tooth pain, gum inflammation and chronic gum bleeding.”

As a result, the singer says she had to subsequently have nine root canals, bone grafting, a temporary bridge, physical therapy and suffered a “permanent cosmetic deficiency.”

The 30-year-old singer is seeking unspecified general damages and money for medical expenses and “emotional and psychiatric injuries” and money for loss of wages.

However, Eddie Cibrian’s wife didn’t mind showing off her pearly whites when she debuted her latest ‘do.

“Love my Andy Lacompte! I got banged :),” Rimes wrote, linking to a picture of herself and the famed hair stylist. “love em! Was time for a fun change,” which could damage her lawsuit in the case.

The 30-year-old singer said she had to subsequently undergo nine root canals, bone grafting, physical therapy and installation of a temporary bridge as a result of his treatment.

In addition, Rimes suffered a “permanent cosmetic deficiency” and her “ability to perform as an artist has been and will continue to be significantly compromised until all re-treatment is completed,” the lawsuit said.

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