Lego Man In Near Space Flight With Canada Flag

Lego Man takes the Canada flag up to space with a camera that shows some incredible video footage of the trip.

Two Canadian high-school seniors, Matthew Ho and Asad Muhammad, are behind the launch to put Lego Man into space, or close to it. The camera they attached to his weather balloon clearly shows the figurine clutching the Canadian flag, with the curvature of the Earth behind him.

According to the Toronto Star, “Ho dreamt up the project two summers ago when he saw an online video of a balloon sent to near space by some Massachusetts Institute of Technology students”:

He decided to try it himself. He likes building things and has an adventurous streak, he says. He wants to be an entrepreneur, so he has applied to Queen?s University and University of British Columbia for commerce.

Ho approached Muhammad in the hallway of Agincourt Collegiate Institute, where they are both Grade 12 students. Muhammad has a passion for all things flight-related. His goal is to be an aircraft technician, so he has applied to engineering programs at U of T and Centennial College.

The two met in middle school. Muhammad?s family had just immigrated emigrated from Pakistan, and he spoke no English. When other students were ignoring him, Ho walked up and made friends.

And the rest is history! American teenagers: the gauntlet has been thrown down. Could there be Lego Space Shuttles coming soon?

Watch the video:

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