Lewinsky Affair PBS Documentary “American Experience: Clinton”

Monica Lewinsky will be featured in a new PBS documentary that will take a fresh look at the affair she had with ormer President Bill Clinton.

The PBS documentary is called “American Experience: Clinton” that will interview close aides of the former president and friends of Lewinsky who feel betrayed.

Many former White House staffers dish up some new insights, including Dick Morris and Marla Crider. Also interviewed are Betsey Wright and author Ken Gormley in the documentary film by Barak Goodman, scheduled to be aired the next two weeks. The film is expected to interview Newt Gingrich, Ken Starr and Hillary Clinton.

But needless to say, the Clinton-Lewinsky affair will play a big role in the film. It’s been almost 15 years since news of the affair began. The timing of this documentary may be political, according to some, and it might play well into Barack Obama’s hands with his reelection campaign. It’s a story that reminds people of the glory days of the 1990s, when the economy was soaring and just about everyone had a job.

The first of the two-part PBS documentary, “American Experience: Clinton” revives and updates us on the infamous Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton affair. Produced by Barak Goodman, the film includes interviews with Dick Morris, Robert Reich, Marla Crider and Betsey Wright. White House legal adviser, Ken Gormley, who later wrote a book about the battles between the West Wing, Newt Gingrich and Ken Starr, also throws his perspective in.

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