Lifetime Jodi Arias Movie To Debut In June

Lifetime is set to release the story of Jodi Arias, who was recently convicted of first-degree murder of her boyfriend, in a new movie. The 32-year-old has been placed on suicide watch while she waits for sentencing.

Actress Tania Raymonde, best known for her role on the popular TV series “Lost,” was cast as the femme fatale who was found guilty this week of shooting and stabbing to death her former lover, Travis Alexander.

Arturo Interian, the vice president of original movies for Lifetime, told NBC News that the script of the film titled “Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story” was being rewritten following the verdict to include key moments from the courtroom.On Friday, just two days after Arias declared to news reporters that she would “rather get death than life,” a Lifetime film crew were shooting a courtroom scene in Los Angeles.

Interian said that Raymonde will portray Arias as both likable and unhinged, trying to explain what could have driven this young woman to commit such a horrific act.

“Tania has immersed herself in this role and I’ve seen her go from sexy to downright scary in the same scene,” he says. The dark-haired 25-year-old has even dyed her locks blonde to look like Arias back when she was dating Alexander.

The made-for-TV movie, which also stars Jesse Lee Soffer from the Fox show “The Mob Doctor” as the lover-turned-victim, is set to premiere in June.

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