Linda Cardellini Earns Emmy Nod in Mad Men

Linda Cardellini recently earned herself an Emmy nod for her guest role in the sixth season of TV’s most cerebral show, AMC’s Mad Men. She was on Freaks and Geeks where Cardellini was best known as Lindsay Weir.

In Season 6, the actress plays ad man and philandering savant Don Draper’s downstairs neighbor and mistress. Recently, she talked about what it was like to audition for the show and what it’s like to be the other woman of such a beloved, culturally significant character.

In doing so, Cardellini revealed that she was wary about her Mad Men role because way back when she played the sexy ski instructor that nearly lured Cory Matthews away from his One and Only, Topanga Lawrence, on Boy Meets World, people would give her a hard time about being a temptress.

That would really take it full circle. You know, I found your role on Mad Men as “the other woman” to be sort of a full-circle moment, because one of the first times I remember seeing you on TV was on Boy Meets World. You were the girl who came between Cory and Topanga.

The first time I ever experienced someone hating something I did on television was on Boy Meets World. I remember these kids coming up to me and calling me a “home-wrecker,” and so I had flashes of that going into my role on Mad Men. I was like, “Are people really going to hate Sylvia because of what she does to Don?” I thought the reactions would be much more vehement, but the reaction is pretty mixed about her.

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