Linda Hogan, Charlie Hill Break Up

Linda Hogan, Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife, breaks up with boy toy Charlie Hill. The 52-year-old mother of two officially sent the 23-year-old packing after they both realized that marriage was not an option.

The former couple got together when Linda was 48 and Charlie was only 19; so, it is not shocking to many that these two did not make a couple made in paradise.

However, an insider painted a different picture of the couple’s break-up. They told the National Enquirer:

“Linda got sick and tired of telling Charlie to get a job and kicked him out. And her friends and family are thrilled that the slacker is gone. Linda had high hopes for Charlie at first, but a VH1 reality show pitch about her life after Hulk and relationship with a man almost 30 years younger went nowhere. In the end, all she got with Charlie was a big mooch and a lot bigger waistline!”

The source added: “[Linda] is complaining that she’s out of money and needs a wealthy man who can treat her in the manner she was accustomed to. She wants to start a new life. She’s determined to lose weight and find a good, rich man closer to her age.”

Meanwhile, Hulk has moved on and married his girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel, last year at his Clearwater, Florida home.

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